Authors & Creators

Pamela Dennison

Pamela Dennison - Author

Pam was born and raised in Manitowoc WI. She graduated from the University of Green Bay with a degree in Human Development with an emphasis in writing; she is currently in the process of working on her Masters at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology to pursue her career in Child Advocacy. Pam is married and has a beautiful daughter and rambunctious son. Her mother was her literary mentor and always a passionate supporter of her writings. Pam's dream is that her stories ignite imagination, and prompts a smile on the face of each child who discovers the wonders of the written word, and every parent who reads them with their child.

Darren Lutz

Darren Lutz - Author/Creative Director

Hailing from the great state of Wisconsin, somewhat near the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field, resides the burgeoning multi-media companies: Balance Studios and Believe Animation, both owned by Darren and his wife Tina. With over 20 years in the film and animation industry, Darren’s love for children and passion for creating and developing endearing, character-driven children’s media, has garnished him dozens of national and international awards and accolades as Director, Creative Director, Writer and Animator.

John Hackman

John Hackman - Illustrator/Game Designer

John is a Pittsburgh born illustrator and animator who has a passion for making unique and engaging pictures. He works with Darren as Lead Animator and Character Designer for Balance Studios and Believe Animation. His work includes storyboards, character designs, concept designs, and 3D animation for national and international commercials, websites, educational shorts, television promotional pieces, museum displays, and other animation based independent properties.