Rocks In My Socks is ROCKIN!

Hello out there!
We know it has been a few weeks since our last post so we wanted to let you know everything that has been going on…So exciting!

Rocks In My Socks is getting some fantastic reviews and is now International! The book was sent to the UK, Canada, Mexico, and all around the US – all in just 5 shorts weeks after it was released.

Folks world-wide are excited by the unique Augmented Reality integration of the book’s activities and the free Rock Launcher game, with the iPad2 and iPhone/iPod 4th Gen Apps already downloaded in over 30 countries! Yahooooo

We also want to thank everyone who is supporting the book, sending us their feedback, and leaving awesome and constructive reviews in the App store. Please keep them coming.

Some of this feedback has just touched our hearts, when we hear about how people rally around the books concept of acceptance, how it is being used to help sick children in hospitals and how the activities, (even without the AR), are making them smile. Well, that just makes our day!

Here is an email from a Hospital waiting room volunteer…

“Wow! I had such a great time tonight at the Florida Hospital for Children. I spent about 3 hours with the kids in the Emergency Room waiting room area. I pulled out the Rocks in my Socks book and we were reading through the pages together and even doing some of the activities. They liked Emilio’s riddles and liked finding the hidden rocks in the landscape picture, they matched up the Dinosaur shadows with the character pretty well. Some were easier to get than others. Great idea about the books and everything!! I’m so excited and we all had a total blast with it all.”
~ Heather – Florida Hospital for Children Volunteer

We just launched the Kindle e-book too! Be on the lookout for the Nook eBook as it is in the Barnes & Nobles review process as we type this update. The eBooks are created with the story and activities.

*IMPORTANT FYI. To play the Augmented Reality games however, a hard copy of the book is STILL needed:-)

Everyday there seems to be something new and exciting – We will keep you posted!