Rocks in My Socks is not just for Apples anymore. They are for Oranges and Bananas and Androids too!

Now available for download from Google Play, the Rocks in My Socks App is better than ever before! Not only have we updated the 8 Interactive Augmented Reality games found within the book, but we’ve added a whole new experience- Story Time with Gracie! Launched from the book cover, Gracie will read the story to you in full 3D animation.

Rocks in My Socks is optimized for the following devices:
• Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 & S5
• Google Nexus 4 & 7
• Google Table 2 & 3
• HTC 1

Due to the vast variety of Android devices, we have optimized the App for these devices. However, the App may be compatible with other camera-enabled Android devices.
To test your device, download the FREE App here and print and play the FREE Rock Launcher game found here.

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