Rocks In My Sock Makes the Top Ten for Most Innovative Use of Augmented Reality in the coveted UK – Augmented Reality Summit Awards.

Captivating the judges and garnishing attention amongst the thousands of entries, Rocks In My Socks made the Top Ten Shortlist for the Most Innovative Use of Augmented Reality in UK’s Augmented Reality Summit awards. Other shortlisted entries included National Geographic and Qualcomm – Sesame Prototype Playset.

The AR Summit’s augmented reality awards is a platform designed to do just that – recognizing & rewarding those successfully adopting AR, highlighting those who are producing creative strategies, adopting new techniques, enhancing technologies and pushing forward the industry – creating a name for the world of AR.

Balance Studios Invited to AREvent 2012 by Qualcomm, the event’s title sponsor

Balance Studios, creator of the Rocks In My Socks characters, illustration and AR interactivity, was invited by Qualcomm’s Vuforia group to the AREvent 2012 in Santa Clara, CA as a trade show booth partner.

Because of their unique and innovative uses of the Vuforia Augmented Reality platform, Balance was able to help bring traffic to the booth by demonstrating the software’s versatility as they unveiled new ways to push the limits of Vuforia with uses in Augmented Reality in museum exhibits, multi-person gaming, and some yet to be disclosed, proprietary uses.

The biggest draw to the booth was Rocks In My Socks…it was in event Hit! Visitors and other trade show booth attendees were visiting Balance in the Qualcomm booth so they could see and play it first hand.

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