Rocks In My Socks – Has Arrived!!!!!

DRUM ROLL PLEASE…. GRACIE would like to announce to ya’ll, she is now…. …… the star in her first ever BOOK! called, Rocks In My Socks.

Rocks In My Socks is a story of Gracie, our adorable pint sized pink triceratops, who learns about acceptance through some unexpected visitors that show up in her favorite pink and white striped socks.

This unique book combines an endearing story and Dino characters, with games and activities, to further engage and excite its readers. YOU :-)

There are 13 activities that can be played with colors, markers or pencils. Learn about colors, matching, recognition, music and color associations – and even learn some of Gracie’s favorite dance moves.

But, what makes this book unique you say? Well, there are 8 awesome 3D Augmented Reality activities and games that jump right off the page with animation, sound, and game play… All you need is an iPad2, iPhone or iPod touch 4th Gen. and you can down load the Rocks In My Socks App for FREEEEEEEE…..

I promise you – It’s a book like you have never ever experienced before!

It will be on sale by the end of this week- December 15, 2011. You can get it from Amazon, or from our very own Dino Store. We also have a 20 page Dino Coloring book AND the cutest softest Pink and White sock, with one silly sized rock inside, for sale too. What an amazing Christmas present it would make, don’t ya think??????????? More pictures to come :-)

*Just a quick note Dino friends – The App is in the Apple iTunes App Store final review. We will let you know when it is ready for you to download!! :-)