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Rocks In My Socks Children's Story Book with 3D Augmented Reality Activities
About The Book

Rocks In My Socks is the story of Gracie, an adorable pint-sized pink triceratops, who learns about acceptance through some unexpected visitors that show up in her favorite pink and white striped socks.

Every child has new and unknown experiences and situations they deal with which can be scary and challenging. Rocks In My Socks is an endearing look at the process a child goes through in trying to understand and accept something new.

This unique book combines an endearing story and characters with games and activities to further engage and excite its readers.

There are 13 activities that can be played manually with colors, markers, or pencils. Learn about colors, matching, recognition, colors and music associations, and even some of Gracie’s favorite dance moves.

But, for extra added excitement, Story Time with Gracie, launched from the book’s cover, and 8 of the games integrate Augmented Reality where the activities jump right off the page with animation, sound, and game play…It’s a book like nothing you have experienced before!

Rocks In My Socks
Augmented Reality Activities Available with the FREE iTunes Rocks In My Socks App Include:
Story Time with Gracie.
- Use the Book Cover to launch Gracie reading the story to you in full 3D animation.
Kia's Dino Shadow Matching Game
Emilio's Silly Riddle Game
Gracie's Dance-Time Jamboree
Kia's Silly Sock Matching Game
HighTower's Music & Color
Emilio's Favorite Sports Matching Game
Kia's Favorite Things Shadow Matching Game
Gracie's Colorful Hat Matching Game
Rocks In My Socks - Kia's Dino Shadow Matching Game Rocks In My Socks - HighTower's Music & Color Augmented Reality Example
Traditional Games Include:
Oscar's iSpy Game
HighTower's Alphabet Game
Oscar's Crazy Line Maze
Emilio's Family Drawing Game
Emilio's Really Funny Jokes
Rocks In My Socks - Oscar's Crazy Line Maze
Rocks In My Socks - Top Secret
Extended Activities:
Four fun songs to play on HighTower’s Music and Color keyboard. Click Here.
Super Secret Downloadable goodness.

*Note: These extra activities can only be accessed after purchasing the book, then following the instructions on page 28 and page 30 for a QR reader download.

After purchasing the book, all you need to do is download the FREE Rocks In My Socks App from iTunes or Google Play.

For Apple Device Owners: There are separate Apps for the iPad3+ & iPhone 5+ / Pod Touch 5th Gen, so be sure to download one or both of the Apps as needed for your device(s). Then get ready to experience the magic.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are going to engage the Augmented Reality games, please be sure to read the instructions at the beginning of the book on how to best optimize your viewing and playing experience.