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  • Rocks In My Socks
  • Rocks In My Socks
  • Rock In My Socks
  • From Anne Beninghof – Ideas For Educators:

    Wow! The Augmented Reality features of this book knocked my socks off! I just finished reading/playing with it and had to review it right away. The embedded games include great animations, a variety of ways to interact and the 3D component is so engaging. I am so excited that this is the future for books - printed word with a great message, but interactive features to keep kids interested.

  • From Erica Hickey – Marketing Officer Baylake Bank:

    Rocks in my Socks is a blast! Amazing for all ages. Adults and teenagers are just amazed by the augmented reality technology, and the little ones just accept it so easily because they are so used to technology. They just grab the phone and go! Full of wow factor.

  • From HeathersArt:

    The Rocks in My Socks story was created with a lot of heart and soul behind it. The book is also loaded with a lot of fun activities for kids to play with. The 3D Augmented Reality Activities really allow these activities to come to life as if you were right there living in the Dino world along with Oscar, Gracie, and the rest of the Dino team. I shared these activies with kids in the hospital and it really brightened their day as they loved learning through the activities and seeing how adorable the dinosaur characters are. Fantastic job!!

  • From Mommabeartree:

    This is an amazing way to engage your wee one in learning. The 3 dimensional characters that jump off the pages are amazing. I like that there many different learning activities incorporated into the booklet as well. This is a learning experience like none other that both children and adults can enjoy together. The games also add another dimension to the whole experience. You gotta check this out....I have never seen traditional books incorporated with technology in such a way that you experience the best of both worlds!

  • From Jeff:

    Great looking and performing app. I love Augmented Reality, and this app loads quickly, tracks great and leaves no confusion on how to start having fun. Just be careful, its quite addicting! Big fan of DinosaurUs ExploreUs, and this is a great compliment to its colorful world.

  • From Monica:

    Thanks so much for the Believe care package. The boys loved the book and we do have Iphone & Ipads here so we will download that app soon. You guys really are always moving ahead its so impressive. Loved the messages in the book too! Thanks again.

  • From Patrick:

    What a wonderfully entertaining story. It has intrigued my 3 month old daughter as well as my class of primary children (9-10 yrs). I often do presentations about our ICT and our international collaborations so it would be great to use such a wonderfully entertaining book as a means of encouraging more schools to be more creative and engaging. Thank you very much.

  • From Patty:

    I have a four year old daughter and an eight year old son. The autograph pictures were a special touch. My daughter has them in her room. The both loved it! It is such cool technology. I show it to everyone that will look:)

  • From Aaron:

    Everyone was simply ENAMORED with the concept. Kids and adults alike where simply astonished with the technology and it's possibilities. The ability to rotate around images is so cool to everyone. It REALLY brings characters to life. The characters are excellent (the dino's and animations are great)

  • From TheBert84:

    I simply cannot stop playing Rock Launcher! What a fun idea, and the story itself is very meaningful! I have tried of all the activities and would have to say Gracie dancing is my favorite!

    I would like to see some awards or achievements for Rock Launcher, and I will eagerly be awaiting updates!


    I have two children, 4 and 8. They both love it. It teaches a valuable lesson while having fun. It's great technology and Gracie is such a cutie. We have had nothing but a good time with it!

  • From Phishyprod:

    Great idea and product. My three year old is loving it. While it takes time to get used to, it's simple once you use it enough. Thank you!

  • From Francop81:

    This is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time! Besides the fact that the game itself is a lot of fun, I absolutely love the idea of making books fun and interactive like this for kids. This has so much potential, it's exciting just to think about it. Can't wait to hear/see more!

  • From Lake George:

    Absolutely the coolest thing out there!

    My kids love it. When will more books be available?

  • From Mock31997:

    I tried this app out and I thought it was phenomenal. I showed it to some relatives of mine and they loved it. Rocks in my socks is a lot of fun and good for the mind. Just awesome.

  • From Dennis:

    This app, along with the book, blows me away-so much fun! I, my wife, and daughter love it!! It's a beautiful compromise between traditional and new media! Bravo!

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